Do you fall asleep? Or you just sleep?

When i dont sleep, or actually when i dont get sleep, its not me who dont sleep but its 'me' inside of me who dont fall asleep.Do you fall asleep everytime you sleep?Or does that even make sense.... I push... Continue Reading →

Dear Anonymous 💛

Its going to be roughly two years - two minus a month, since i had posted.I am not much of a writer but i had totally stopped scribbling my feelings to give them the form of words.A million thoughts but... Continue Reading →

To every men around me.

Dear father, You might not have carried me in your womb for 9 months like mom did but i know those 9 months were no less struggle to you to keep both mom and me safe and healthy. You didn't... Continue Reading →

To the girl who let him go…

I know, you might be thinking i will be hating you for hurting him and making him cry as you disappeared. But girl, I am writing this to thank you that you left. I dont know your side of story... Continue Reading →

So, appreciate them!

What if oneday you will wake up only by yourself all alone??you wont be searching anyone anymore because you know there is no point in doing so.Will you feel lonely and exhausted? Or, you ll just act as a dummy... Continue Reading →

Teach me to feel again,in all the ways i’ve forgotten…

Love me like he never did.Teach me to feel again in all the ways i've forgotten.Make the sun shine and the moon smile for me yet again,another time.Take me to the paradise i've never been.....shower your love on me in... Continue Reading →

Love her like she is not already yours….

She is yours,all yours.But still love her like she is not already yours.Treasure her presence and cherish her absence with all those beautiful thoughts you had of her inside you when she was not yours.Let her be the same princess... Continue Reading →

The Sound Of Her Silence

She uttered words so rapidly that she herself could not catch sometimes.She was fast.She was fire,the fire that lightens everyone's face when it burns.Her words flowed through her lips like water flowed through the spring,uncontrollably and flawlessly.But she is the... Continue Reading →

MY letter to YOU !

Dear YOU, Yes YOU!This is my letter to you.YOU,who have been broken thousand times and still have enough of strength to gather all the scattered pieces and glue them together.YOU,who have survived the storms,thunders and lightening and still not disheartened... Continue Reading →

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